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May 9

Fecal Bacteria Found in Ground Turkey in 21 States

According to a recent report, antibiotic-resistant bacteria has beendiscovered in ground turkey within several brands and stores across 21states. A non-profit independent product testing organization has foundthat out of 257 samples of ground turkey, over half of them tested positivefor fecal bacteria. In addition to finding fecal bacteria, they found that90 percent of samples were contaminated with various types of organismsthat cause disease, including some of which have been proven to bedrug-resistant. The organization says that it sampled over 27 differentbrands of ground turkey, which includes popular and unpopular store brands.In the United States, it is common for turkeys to be given low doses ofantibiotics to keep them healthy and promote growth; however, there hasbeen growing concern that giving animals antibiotics when they are not sickspeeds the development of resistance to antibiotics. The National Turkey Federation believes these findings were based on small sampling and thatthe organization should not blame antibiotics on animals as the reason forthe outbreak. In 2011, the Food and Drug administration had also found thatturkey, chicken, ground beef, and pork chops, had all been contaminatedwith antibiotic-resistant bacteria including salmonella, E.coli, as well asother harmful bacteria. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hasissued warnings about antibiotic resistance and how it causes a serioushealth threat to the public.

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