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Jan 3

How to Prepare Your Elder This Winter

Watching the snow fall can be exciting when you’re five. Yet when you’re seventy-five, the snow and the ice can make life difficult. For many elderly people, wintry conditions aren’t the cause of joy and excitement. Luckily, with the right preventive measures, seniors can stay safe and even enjoy the winter this season.

At Prestige Home Care Agency, we understand that winter weather can be challenging, especially for those with health conditions. Our team is always prepared to offer assistance to families who need it and our winter preparation tips were created for this reason. Read on to find out more about how you can keep your elder safe this winter season.

Hypothermia is a concern for the elderly because a decrease in body temperature due to the cold can be life-threatening for them. Being exposed to the cold, especially for prolonged periods of time, can cause hypothermia in adults. If an elderly person isn’t dressed properly for the cold, this can also cause hypothermia. In addition, medical conditions like diabetes can also make one more susceptible to hypothermia. To help your elderly family member stay safe and avoid hypothermia, follow these tips:
Keep your elderly loved one covered up when outdoors.

1. Many people get frostbite quickly, so it’s important to wear appropriate socks and layers when outdoors. Invest in a good scarf, too, since this helps trap heat.
Hire someone to shovel snow.

2. Don’t let your elderly loved one shovel the snow if the weather is too cold or if any medical conditions make this an unsafe task. It’s easy nowadays to hire a local neighbor for an affordable price. You can also ask another family member to handle the chore, instead.
Invest in a carbon monoxide detector. Having a carbon monoxide detector installed is important because gas heaters can leak carbon monoxide.

3. Make yourself available. If you think road conditions are too dangerous for driving, why not offer to help out? If your elderly loved one has scheduled doctor appointments, your help could be used for these visits, as well.

4. Create visitation days. Plan a few days in advance where you can just check in on your elderly loved one. Some people don’t like asking for help because they fear it is burdensome to family members. By scheduling surprise visits, you can offer your assistance without coming across as intrusive.

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