Adderall Makers Sued for Inflated Drug Prices

A newly filed lawsuit claims that the company that produces Adderall, a drug used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, has been inflating its prices for years by keeping the generic versions of the drug off the market. The lawsuit claims that Shire Pharmaceuticals used various methods to delay introducing the drug in its generic version. Due to this practice, users of the drug have been forced to pay much more for the medicine simply for its brand name. Shire has been accused of filing false patent litigation in order to delay other companies from marketing their own versions of the drug until 2006. After that, Shire reached settlements with some of those companies and allowed them to introduce “authorized generic” versions of the drug in 2009 if they were willing to comply with a royalty payment. However, those companies have stated the Shire would not provide them with enough of the product to supply consumer demand, which made those using the drug buy brand name Adderall and its inflated price. Shire representatives state that the allegations are completely false and plan to defend the company intensely.