Alzheimer’s Caregiving Battle – Home Сare in Philadelphia

It is estimated that almost 5.5 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease. Many of the people afflicted are 65 years old and above. As you might already know, Alzheimer’s often causes people to be unpredictable. This can pose challenges for their caregivers. At Prestige Home Care Agency, we strive to help families find a home care solution that works best for everyone involved.

Oftentimes, people with Alzheimer’s display combative behavior. This might come out in the form of mood swings, irritability, repetition of words or phrases, verbal or physical aggression or wandering. As you can imagine, these behaviors make it difficult for caregivers who have taken on the responsibility of helper.
At Prestige Home Care Agency, our home care services are designed to assist you as a caregiver who might be struggling with some of these issues. Our home care services are offered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are even available on holidays. The staff at Prestige Home Care Agency is dedicated to providing the highest level of care when you and your family need it the most.

If you have a family member who is dealing with Alzheimer’s, Prestige Home Care Agency can help. Our pledge is to treat every person we encounter with both compassion and care. We know firsthand that dealing with Alzheimer’s disease can be one of the most challenging mental health issues a family member will ever face, so we make it a priority to only staff the most qualified aids and nurses to assist with your situation.

Prestige Home Care Agency has several years’ experience helping families handle the unique challenges that accompany an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. We know that you deserve the best possible care for your particular situation and we go to great lengths to see that you receive it.