Are Autism Rates on the Rise?

As autism cases increase, funding for autistic children and their families may get difficult. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have conducted a survey in which they found that one in ever fifty students in school has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. While researchers found an increase in the number of autism cases, agencies that provide programs for autistic children and their families may soon be seeing cuts in their funding. According to new reports, the New York State legislature budget has just announced $90 million worth in cuts to the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. This budget cut represents about 4.5 percent of the agency’s total budget for the office. Not only will the cut affect several nonprofit organizations in Staten Island who are currently being supported by the OPWDD, but it is also expected to affect the quality and amount of services the office will be able to offer families. This new cut will make it difficult for staff members to offer staff training, rent, and fuel. Several families believe that caring people in the government will come through to help fix this problem.