At-Home Intellectual Disability Services in Philadelphia, PA

Intellectual Disability Services

You may know someone with an intellectual disability; they don’t adapt or function the way other people do. Examples include struggles with problem-solving, slower learning, difficulty with expression, and missing social cues.  By medical standards, intellectual disabilities begin before a person reaches 22. On an IQ test, such a person would score under 75 (the average being around 100).

It’s difficult to imagine walking in their shoes or the demands the family faces over time. That’s why more people are looking for at-home disability services like those we offer at Prestige Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PA. We know every situation is unique, and strive daily to ensure care plans are personalized with the individual’s needs in mind.

Creating a Care Plan

When we assess an intellectual disability, there are specific considerations to bear in mind. For one, how does a person compare to people of the same age, cultural background, and environment? For another, there’s a diagnosis. Is the individual expected to improve by using specific supports? What, exactly, is the level of impairment? Once we have all this information, putting together a care plan becomes a matter of checking all the boxes regarding the help we provide in the home.

Intellectual Disability Services

Levels of Impairment

As mentioned, a person’s level of impairment measures just how much help they will need from in-home caregivers. There are four levels of impairment:

  • Mild: IQ between 50-70. These are slow learners but can function daily with little guidance. 85% of people with an intellectual disability fall into this classification.
  • Moderate: IQ 35-49. Communication is limited. People in this category sometimes have physical impairments, too.
  • Severe: IQ 20-34. These individuals cannot be left alone. They require supervision, and their communication is distinctly restricted.
  • Profound: IQ under 20. People in this classification often exhibit other physical issues. They cannot live independently and require ongoing self-care.

Families may consider residential care (nursing homes, group homes) an asset. Residential settings are “full-service” structures with safety features in place. There are professionals on sight to monitor people, discerning growth or decline and attending to other medical or psychological needs.

Alternatively, there are Community Habitation options. These are controlled setting with planned activities in vocational rehabilitation. The goal is to optimize functionality and enhance the skills they already exhibit.

But what about at-home intellectual disability services?

Prestige Intellectual Disability Services in Philadelphia, PA

The focus at Prestige Home Care Agency is servicing people with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities and customizing their care. Our professionals work with each individual, helping them find their skills and developing them further. Besides at-home support, we also offer community habitation.

Having companion care gives a person guidance with matters of safety and health. Our caregivers (homemaker services) keep the environment clean. And, when you need a break, our aides step in so you can get away for a while without worries.

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