Breast Implants Make It Difficult to Detect Cancer

New research suggests that breast implants may make it more difficult todetect breast cancer while it is in the early stage of development. Duringthis study, researchers analyzed data from 12 previous studies in whichresearchers used participants with and without breast implants. Researchersfound that women with breast implants tended to be diagnosed in a laterstage than women who did not have breast implants. The study found thatwomen with implants were 26 percent more likely to be diagnosed with breastcancer at a later stage compared to women without them. In addition to thestudies, after conducting a separate analysis, researchers found that womenwith implants were 38 percent more likely to die from the disease. Earlierstudies have pointed out that although breast implants themselves do notincrease the risk of breast cancer, they do make it more difficult fordoctors to view breast tissue with mammograms. Experts suggest furtherresearch to be done to confirm these findings. Any future study should bespecifically designed to find a link between breast implants and the riskof later stage breast cancer.Eating Junk Food While.