Brith Sholom Senior “Senior” Prom!

Last night, Prestige had the honor of celebrating the “Senior Senior Prom” at the Brith Sholom House on Conshohocken Avenue. The theme? A luau of course! With grass skirts, coconut bras, leis (the flower necklaces), and much more.

Festivities began at the strike of seven p.m.! People were eager to walk through the door, boogie down, and eat their delicious dessert and snacks. The prom wasn’t the only celebration that evening, but also a resident’s, Esther’s, 100th birthday! You wouldn’t think a woman of her age would be dancing on the dance floor to Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, but you are strongly mistaken. Ester was dancing with her friends and chatting them up the whole night!

No matter the age, everyone got up to dance at least once, whether it is by themselves, with a significant other, or just their pals, it felt like it was 1963 again! Bottom line, we personally had a fantastic time and as did everyone else! Another phenomenal prom Brith Sholom!