Cancer MRI Screenings with Sugar? This Surely Is The 21st Century!

X-rays, MRIs, CAT scans, they’re all bad for you because of their radioactivity. But, what if there was a way to use, I don’t know, something as simple as sugar to replace the radioactive dosage? Well, now there is! A new method in detecting cancer tumors has been discovered, not to mention its much safer approach, by the University College London.

First published in Nature Medicine, Glucose Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (GlucoseCEST) tests the body for tumors while using glucose. Tumors tend to consume more glucose than would a person with healthy tissues. When shown on the MRI screen, the tumors appear bright yellow and easily show the severity. Professor Mark Lythgoe, Director of CABI and head author on the new study, has said, “We can detect cancer using the same sugar content found in half a standard sized chocolate bar. Our research reveals a useful and cost-effective method for imaging cancers using MRI — a standard imaging technology available in many large hospitals.”

This not only helps everyone who needs to receive these MRI services, but pregnant women and younger children can have another healthier option. AND if proven successful in the trials for humans, because of its success already in mice, doctors and researchers say this new method could be offered in your own local hospital without needing to be referred to different specialists.

So simple and so easy. Why haven’t we thought of this before?