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Aug 1

Pepsi Removing “All Natural” Label From Naked Juices

Love the Naked juices for their healthy benefits and natural ingredients? Well, PepsiCo Inc. will be getting rid of the “all natural” label placed on ...
Jul 29

FDA Puts Forth New Rules for Safer Imported Food

The Food and Drug Administration has come out with a new set of rules in order to make sure that any food being imported into ...
Jul 24

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found in Hudson River!

Drug resistant bacteria hasn’t been seen in the Hudson River since 2002, but now, it seems as though now they’ve been found again. Although the ...
Jul 19

Surgeon Caught Performing Bogus Surgeries

In March of 2010, Constance Nenni thought she was undergoing surgery to repair her left knee from arthritic damage. She was put under anesthesia, cut ...