Celebrities You Would Have Never Imagined As Nurses

Can you imagine a well-known actress administering a shot to a patient at a local hospital? Of course earning a nursing degree is not a step towards a career in music, TV or politics, but these famous people either once worked as nurses or studied to become a nurse.

Kate Gosselin. This former reality TV star and a mother of eight worked as a labor and delivery room nurse in a Pennsylvania hospital. In 2009, she renewed her nursing license and promised to complete 30 hours of continuing education classes.

Robin Quivers. Before entering the entertainment industry, she worked as a U. S. Air Force nurse in Korea. However, she received honorable discharge, which is when she experimented with various radio jobs.

Julie Walters. Landing a role in Mama Mia! and the Harry Potter movies will not be the only thing included in this lovable actresses resume. Walters worked as a nurse for 18 months in England in the late 1960’s.

Paul Brandt. Before his country singing career took off, this Canadian singer and songwriter worked as a pediatric nurse at the Alberta Children’s Hospital. In addition to working as a pediatrician, he also obtained his honorary doctorate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge.