Chemicals Found in Popular Products May Lead to Increased Risk of Diabetes in Women

According to a recent study funded by the American Diabetes Association, chemicals found in beauty and hygiene products may lead to increased risk of diabetes in women. The products include a group of industrial chemicals known as phthalates and are found in products such as perfumes, nail polishes, soaps, food packaging, and even toys.

The study found that women with higher levels of the chemicals had higher levels of blood sugar at fasting and that phthalates could be the reason for the growing amount of cases of diabetes in women. Phthalates are endocrine disrupting chemicals that are able to interfere with hormones that cause metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Commercial use of phthalates is currently declining due to the many negative effects they hold on health. Phthalates have been found to cause cancer and male sterility among other things. Avoiding these chemicals can be very difficult since companies are not legally required to label if a product contains them or not. It should also be known that food items which are packaged and stored in plastics most likely do contain phthalates and should be avoided. More research is required to analyze and solidify these results.