Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Donated $50 Million Dollars For New Center!

We’re glad to say that the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is one step closer to “The Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care”, a new expansion expected to open in 2015. Thanks to the Buerger family, the center was gifted $50 million toward the new $425 million building on the University’s Campus.

Reid Buerger saw hope and promise in this new facility after creating such a deep connection with the hospital itself, having had both of his children in CHOP. After building such a strong relationship, Buerger is set to be on the board of directors for the hospital beginning in September and he believes that the addition will “touch so many children and so many families and have a profound impact.”

The center will include a 14,000 square foot rooftop garden, along with a 2.6-acre landscaped outdoor area surrounding the building to make it easier for patients who need to see multiple physicians at a time. For example, if a child needs to see a cardiologist, a neurologist, and a psychologist all in one visit, there will be different “neighborhoods” of doctors for more organization and ease. In addition, there will be various electronic advantages in order to have the hospital run more efficiently. For example, doctors, and other officials, will be notified when a patient arrives so that there will be less waiting time and so patients could be taken to treatments and such right away.

Of course the facility still has a long way to go with the money, but the substantial donation has set them on the right path!