Choosing a Home Care Agency

When it comes to choosing a home care agency for yourself or for a loved one, it’s important to have all of your research completed so that you do what is best for you and your family. At Prestige Home Care Agency, we know that making the choice to transition into home care can be complicated. If you find yourself in the position to make choices about home care, you might feel as though you need some guidance along the way. Prestige Home Care is here to assist you with whatever choices you need to make so that you walk away feeling informed and empowered.

At Prestige Home Care, we like to help take some of the guess-work out of choosing a home care agency. With all of the choices that are available to families nowadays, it might seem as if you have too many options to choose from. One of the benefits of choosing Prestige Home Care is that all of our staff are trained in a variety of specialty home care services. As part of our model, we offer a wide range of services for a wide range of home care clients. We believe in preserving the dignity of the individual and we do whatever we can to ensure that a high level of professionalism is maintained through the entire transition process.

One of the reasons why Prestige Home Care of Philadelphia is a leader in home care services is because each of our staff members is highly qualified in his or her respective field. Our home care services include long-term waiver services, skilled services, pediatric services and mental health services, as well. We know that for each of our families, it’s important to have only the most qualified individuals available for each of our specialty areas. We work hard to make sure that your family is comfortable with all of the services that we offer, and that you feel empowered by choosing us as your home care provider.

At Prestige, we always begin with a thorough client assessment and then we follow through with the appropriate services. Our staff works to ensure that each client is assisted in whatever way possible, from the start of the service period all the up till the discharge. We work with your family physician to develop a care plan that is specifically tailored to the client’s individual needs. We know that choosing a home care provider is an important decision, and we do whatever we can to see that you feel confident and comfortable with your decision.