Computer and Phone Screens May be the Reason Why You Have a Bad Day!

We’ve all heard that looking at a computer or phone screen for too long can result in eye problems, less physical activity, and severe health problems, including cancer. However, a new study suggests that looking into screens can actually ruin your day and keep you from being in a good mood. According to a new survey conducted on over 1,300 members of the mequilibrium community, looking at a screen for too long not only takes more time out of your work day, but can also affect your behavior.

Researchers found that phone and computer screens can control your day and increase the stress in your life. Nearly sixty-one percent of the participants responded by saying that they can’t ignore looking at their devices and often check their messages or emails within an hour of receiving them. Seventy-three of the participants say their use of electronic devices increased the stress in their lives.

Not only do they control your day and increase stress levels, but electronic screens can also ruin your mood. Smartphones and tablet devices were originally made to entertain people, however, its seems that more and more people end up feeling bad after using them, rather than feeling good. The survey found that sixty-one percent of the participants admitted to feeling depressed, annoyed, and even jealous after checking their social media updates. Researchers found that the need to constantly know everything that is going on can have a bad affect on you. About eighty-one percent of the participants said they would interrupt downtime with their family and friends and interrupt a conversation to check their updates.

In addition to ruining your mood, it can also eliminate the time you need to relax. Instead of taking time to just sit around and do nothing, fifty percent of the survey takers admitted to checking their work emails outside of work hours, while three out of five percent admitted to spending more of their free time on a computer then spending time with their significant other.