Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is a disease that significantly impacts a person’s life. It occurs when blood sugar or blood glucose levels are too high. If left untreated, it can cause damage to the eyes, nerves, and heart. It can lead to cancer and other health conditions.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. It is time to discover what you and others can do to prevent the condition. Diabetes patients can consider how to manage their condition.

How to Honor Diabetes Awareness Month

  • Make relevant social media posts: Encourage others to lead healthier lifestyles by creating social media posts with advice on diabetes prevention and management. Eating healthy foods and exercising is crucial. Include relevant hashtags like #diabetesawarenessmonth.
  • Donate: Several organizations fight to end diabetes. Examples include the American Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Consider donating to them this November. You can also support them by volunteering and participating in their events.
  • Learn More About Diabetes: Research to learn more about diabetes. Find out about causes, risk factors, management, and prevention. Raise awareness in yourself and others.
  • Help a Friend or Relative with Diabetes: Encourage a friend or relative to get a better handle on their diabetes. Eat and exercise with them to make it easy for them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Watch for low blood sugar episodes.

Diabetes Awareness 2

Consider Hiring a Caretaker During Diabetes Awareness Month

Approximately 37 million Americans have diabetes. 15.9 million are seniors. A caretaker can help older adults manage their conditions. Here’s what diabetes care involves.

  • Monitoring: A caretaker will monitor blood sugar levels. They will recognize low blood sugar episodes and other diabetes-related complications. They will call for emergency care if necessary.
  • Promotes Healthy Living: A caregiver will know which foods are best for diabetes patients and which can aggravate symptoms. They will ensure your loved one consumes a healthy diet. They will ensure they get exercise to keep weight under control.
  • Medication Management: An in-home aide will ensure clients take their medications on time. They will see to it that there are no missed doses. They will reduce the risk of complications occurring.
  • Assistance for People with Disabilities: People with diabetes may have diabetes-related disabilities. Diabetes can lead to blindness. It can cause nerve damage that affects their ability to walk and move comfortably. Some individuals may require amputations due to peripheral artery disease and diabetic neuropathy.

Caregivers can help diabetics with disabilities. They can help them with daily tasks, transportation, and self-care. They can help them maintain an independent lifestyle.

Prestige Home Care Agency Provides the Best in Diabetes Care 

Prestige offers various services that help improve our client’s quality of life. We provide general home care and personal assistance. Our skilled services include pain management and physical and occupational therapy. Our ancillary services ensure people with disabilities feel safe at home.

We have been serving our community since 1995. We offer skilled and compassionate medical and non-medical services. We are Medicare Certified, Joint Commissioned Accredited, and a proud partner of the VA.

Contact us to learn more about what we have to offer.