Drinking Soda May Cause Behavioral Issues In children

For a long time now, soda has been the center of much debate among scientists and doctors. Many blame the beverage for the increasing numbers of obese children and adults in the country. Scientists are now finding that the popular drink may also affect the behavior of people.

According to a new study published in The Journal of Pediatrics, researchers have now found that children who drink excessive amounts of any type of sugary beverage exhibit greater amounts of aggression, withdrawal, and attention issues. The more the child drank, the stronger the connection with aggressive behavior became.

Shakira Suglia, the lead author of the study stated that the relationship between drinking the soft drink and aggression has not proven to be causal; and that there could be other factors to explain the connection. Suglia’s findings merely add to the negativity surrounding the consumption of soda, “We already know that soda consumption, particularly with young children, is associated with weight gain, so we already know there are negative health effects.”

So parents be mindful of what you allow your child to drink. Get them in the habit of drinking mostly water, juices mixed with sparkling water, or lemonade with low amounts of sugar. Not only will your kids be healthier, but they’ll behave better too!