Eli Lilly Reports of Positive Results of Two Trials for Diabetes Drug

The Eli Lilly and Company Foundation has revealed that it had found positive results in two of its additional late-stage studies that tested its new diabetes drug, dulaglutide. The foundation had reported that the two studies testing the experimental drug have met the goals of reducing hemoglobin A1c levels. During the study, named AWARD 2, researchers have found that at 52 weeks, a 1.5 mg dose of its drug proved to work better than Sanofi’s Lantus drug. Dulaglutide had also shown to beat insulin lisrop in combination with Lantus. According to the company, the most reported side effects that occurred were gastrointestinal. Last October, Lilly had reported receiving positive results to three other studies where dulaglutide was compared to other medications for diabetes. The data found in all studies will help support a marketing application for dulaglutide.