Fall Activities for Seniors

Fall is finally here. After a blazing hot summer, it is time to spend some time outdoors in Philadelphia. Choose your activities wisely and the senior in your life will enjoy a truly fulfilling outdoor experience. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best autumn activities for local Philadelphia seniors.

Take in the Beautiful Fall Foliage

The fall foliage is aesthetically pleasing to say the least. The seasonal transition is an invaluable opportunity to take in the beauty of Philadelphia’s tall trees with a scenic drive or walk. If you decide to drive, seize the opportunity to take the responsibility of controlling the vehicle while your elderly parent or grandparent takes in the glorious view from the passenger seat. 

Alternatively, if you plan on taking a walk around the neighborhood or at a local park, be mindful of leaves that have fallen to the ground. Rake or sweep away moist leaves in the driveway and sidewalk and your property will be that much safer to traverse. If you feel up to the task, consider trimming the trees. Be mindful of the position of the property lines and opt for a small stepstool rather than a dangerous ladder. 

Pick a Pumpkin

The rural and suburban outskirts of Philadelphia have plenty of pumpkin-picking opportunities. However, pumpkins have the potential to be quite heavy and also slippery, especially if picked in the early morning after dew has formed. Head on out to a local Philadelphia pumpkin patch with your parent or grandparent, pick out a pumpkin or two, and carve them up to put on display for everyone to see. 

Pumpkins are also great for culinary creations. Scoop out some pumpkin pulp for a side dish and you will enjoy an infusion of vitamin C and vitamin A. You can also roast pumpkin seeds for a tasty seasonal snack. These seeds hit the spot and even reduce cholesterol thanks to their phytoserols.

Take a Nature Hike

Fall is the perfect time of the year to head outside for a lovely nature hike. Bring some snacks, water, and your smartphone or digital camera to take some truly epic pictures of Philadelphia’s changing leaves. As long as the elderly individual in your family is capable of walking for half a mile or so, a brief hike at a nature preserve, park or other local green space will prove quite rewarding. Walking enhances mood, bolsters energy, promotes cardiovascular health, and also combats the onset of chronic disease. 

A Halloween Ghost Tour

If you are feeling up to the task, consider participating in a local Philadelphia ghost tour in the spirit of Halloween. Just be sure to dress appropriately for the event. Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress with an extra layer so you don’t end up catching a chill should the skies become overcast or open up with an unexpected downpour of rain.

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