Fall Prevention Strategies for Seniors: Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe at Home

Fall prevention

Falling is a problem among seniors. Many older adults don’t have the best balance. When they fall, they are prone to breaking bones and other injuries. Fall prevention can keep them safe.

Many fall prevention strategies reduce the risk of injury among loved ones. This article will review how you can reduce fall risk in your home.

Why Do Seniors Fall?

Falls can occur due to:

  • Failing vision, hearing, and reflexes
  • Medical conditions and medications that affect balance
  • Incontinence can cause seniors to run to the bathroom, increasing fall risk
  • Adults with dementia and other cognitive issues are prone to falling
  • Age-related muscle loss causes balance issues
  • Changes in blood pressure that occur when you sit or stand up
  • Foot issues
  • Safety hazards in the home

How to Prevent Falls

Encourage Physical Activity

Physical activity will keep muscles strong. It will maintain flexibility in joints, tendons, and ligaments. It will improve balance and reduce fall risks.

Seniors can keep muscles strong by working out with weights, walking, and doing cardio. They can also try exercises that improve balance, like Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi. Resistance bands are also ideal for improving strength and balance.

Fall prevention 2

Fall Proof the Home

There are several things you can do to fall-proof the home. Here are some suggestions:

  • Keep floors and hallways clutter-free
  • Make sure stairways are well-lit
  • Fix damage on stairs and walkways
  • Avoid using throw rugs
  • Install grab rails
  • Use non-slip flooring near entryways

Have Your Loved One’s Vision and Hearing Tested

Failing hearing and vision contribute to fall risk. Getting tested will ensure your loved one’s hearing aid and glasses are optimized to prevent falls.

Get Enough Sleep

Seniors are more likely to fall if they are tired.

Limit Alcohol

Alcohol can also cause balance issues.

Wear the Right Footwear

Sturdy footwear will keep seniors balanced so they are less likely to fall. Avoid heels or any footwear that is not supportive.

Beware of Icy Walkways

Shovel outdoor walkways during the winter to avoid slipping on ice and snow. If the weather is stormy, avoid taking seniors out altogether.

Keep Seniors Hands Free

Encourage seniors to carry shoulder bags or fanny packs so they can leave their hands free to hold on to railings.

Get Up Slowly

If seniors get up too quickly, their blood pressure will drop. They may feel dizzy and lightheaded. Encourage them to get up slowly to maintain balance and reduce fall risk.

Ask for a Caregivers Help

A caregiver can reduce fall risk in seniors. They will make sure the walkways are clear. They will offer loved ones assistance when they get up to ensure they don’t get dizzy and fall.

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