Happier People Live Longer – Seriously!

From the University of Southampton in the UK, a new study has been executed showing the relation between personality in youth and the general wellbeing, and how the physical and psychological health relates throughout the entirety of life.

The test went as followed: 4,583 people took a National Survey for Health and Development officiated by the Medical Research Council. All participants were born in 1946 and took personality questionnaires at the age of sixteen and twenty-six, that tested Extraversion (meaning sociability, energy and activity) and Neuroticism (meaning mood, emotional stability and ease of distraction). The testers also took another set of questionnaires between the ages of 60 and 64 that were made to examine the satisfaction of life, while viewing their mental and physical health.

Catherine Gale, leader of the study, and her team found that personality traits from a very young age translate into your later decades. Extraversion in youth, showed having positive effects on the total wellbeing of life and a more satisfying life as well. Neuroticism in youth tended to have much more of a negative impact because it lead people to feel more anxiety and depression. It’s been stated that the more stress one has in their older years can strongly impact their health, but the connection wasn’t too strong.

The already scientifically proven statement of “happier people live longer,” is justified even further thanks to this study. So, take a deep breath, relax, and be happy because it’ll benefit you in the long run!