Health Benefits You Probably Never Even Heard Of

We all know the medical costs are becoming an expense that’s hard for anyones wallet to bear. What’s left after you’re done paying for your insurance, co-pays, and medication prescriptions? Here are a few tidbits of information you may have never heard of. Any family who earns under $93,700 or $46,021 as an individual is eligible to receive health insurance financing to help pay for medical premiums. These benefits also include no annual limits on healthcare, coverage cannot be denied for any pre-existing conditions, and insurance companies cannot drop anyone when sick. Obamacare focuses largely on preventative care and features a large improvement to women’s health services. Seniors are also offered better care and protection services. Also, starting January of 2014 all insurance plans will include benefits such as maternity care, laboratory services, emergency services, preventative care, pediatric care, prescriptions, mental health, hospitalization, as well as vision and dental care for children. All plans contain the same core health benefits like doctor visits, prescription drugs, X-rays, and hospital stays, but will differ in what you pay when you need these services, as well as the monthly premium.Hopefully now insurance plans can provide better care and coverage for all.