Home Care vs. Assisted Living Homes

What is the difference between Home Care vs. Assisted Living Homes ?

There comes a point when you know a senior family member requires more care than you can provide. Staring at that reality is daunting and sometimes ridden with guilt. You want to help, but know it would stretch your time and energy beyond capacity. 

Take a deep breath, and know you are not alone. Some 53 million people are helping their families without pay. So they, like you, start thinking about getting in-home aid or looking into assisted living. Part of the answer to that question comes from seniors themselves. ¾ of adults over 50 say they want to age in place vs. going to a facility. 

So what’s the difference between Home Care vs. Assisted Living Homes? Primarily, assisted living has an apartment feel with care, meals, and socialization. In-Home care offers similar support; however, it may not cover everything the senior needs 24/7. Commonalities between the two include

  • Housekeeping
  • Bathing
  • Showering
  • Dressing
  • Safe mobility
  • Food preparation
  • Transportation

Assisted Living Homes

Some assisted living facilities to have support services, therapy services, and health care on-site. Others may offer barber shops, gyms, and concierge services! You get round-the-clock care. 

For families who know they may not be able to visit as often as they like, there’s less worry of isolation. The facility provides a variety of activities to keep a person’s mind active while also connecting with others. Examples include lectures, poetry readings, learning new languages, pottery, painting, and book clubs.

Home Care vs. Assisted Living Homes : Home Care

Home care is assisted living but in the comfort and familiarity of a family house. The level of care is determined by need and coordinated consultation with a person’s medical team. At Prestige, nursing care is an option, too. 

Being at home makes adapting to having an aide easier for many. It’s a safe zone. Our aids are compassionate, active listeners. We take pride in their efforts to get to know the client and family to serve your needs best. 

A home caregiver does everything possible to keep a person engaged and active in their health care choices. You can tailor your aide services based on your lifestyle and routines. For example, you may need more help cleaning the house, but you don’t need bathing and dressing. 

In-home care is ideal for people already living at home who want regular assistance from trained professionals. Unlike assisted living, the individual gets one-on-one care. It is always a good idea to talk with your loved one about this change (don’t just surprise them!). Stress how much this helps everyone and how nice it will be to have a companion.

If you’re considering hiring an in-home caregiver, our team at Prestige Home Care is happy to answer your questions. Use our online form to contact us, email info@prestigehca.com, or call our Philadelphia office at 215-677-3299. We endeavor to give you the “big picture” of home care, as well as the minor details that round out everything.