How Do You Convince Your Parents to Allow Caregivers to Help?

While most people cherish having more time on this planet, they’d prefer it came without the emotional, mental, and physical issues that appear as we age. Thinking of yourself using the “o” word (OLD) seems odd. Wasn’t it just a blink of an eye when you experienced vitality? Now take this concept and transfer it to your parents and how they must feel.Watching your family age can be frightening. There are challenges you must face, and questions requiring answers. But, we all know many elders are set in their ways, and none too “hip” on the idea of major changes. It’s hard on one’s ego to admit needing help. Be it mobility aids and safety to managing daily chores, introducing the idea of having a stranger come into the home is going to be tricky. let’s review how you can convince your parents to allow caregivers to help.

Techniques for Convince Your Parents to Allow Caregivers to Help them vary. Here are a few:

  1. A well-prepared discussion. Have a family meeting. Discuss, point-by-point the whys of having an aide, like those we provide at Prestige Home Care, without sounding like you’re lecturing. Make sure your loved one has plenty of time to share their ideas and concerns. They must have some sense of control in the matter.
  2. Practice active listening and remain empathic. There is a lot of fear tied up in aging. Your parents don’t want to be a burden, and they hope to remain somewhat independent. Home caregiving is the bridge between the two. They can know you will have enough time for yourself. Meanwhile you have peace of mind while you are not present.
  3. Be positive and honest. Your parents know you pretty well. So if you’re still trying to convince yourself about home care, they’ll sense your uncertainty, which adds to their own hesitations. Present your case with all due candor, maintaining an upbeat tone. Focus on things like companionship and getting out to more activities to inspire curiosity and eventual expectation.
  4. Recognize role reversal. Sometimes your parents refuse help because they’re accustomed to receiving care from you on a continual basis. Sometimes you have to get creative with your communications. For example, say, “what do you think about trying this together?” Now you are not just doing “for” them. It’s cooperative. A well trained Aide, such as our staff at Prestige Home Care uses redirecting methods like this all the time.
  5. Be prepared. The first few weeks during which you have home caregiving service, you’ll want to be present. Knowing you nearby makes your family member feel safer. Think of this like a honeymoon phase during which the aide and your loved one build rapport. 

On day one, have your parent do a walk-through with the aide. Let them “show off” the home and share memories here and there. Discuss what your parent can expect from their aide so there are no surprises. After that, try to stay out of the way so you’re not always stepping into the discussion.

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