How to choose a Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PA

When it’s time to get in-home assistance for your loved one, you probably find yourself with 101 questions. You’re not alone. With the population aging, more and more people have to consider options for their ongoing health care. let’s take a look How to choose a Home Care Agency in Philadelphia, PA

Your Circumstances

One suggestion we at Prestige Home Care Agency give potential clients is to make a list. Take a look around your home and asses what you need in as much detail as possible. Ask yourself questions like:

  1. Do you need more than basic care, like physical therapy services?
  2. Will your loved one require complex medication management like IVs?
  3. Is it difficult for your loved one to handle daily tasks for home upkeep, like dusting, maintenance, and mopping?
  4. Is the individual showing signs of needing help with personal care like bathing, dressing, and daily meals?
  5. What about driving to appointments or activities?

Have this available when you reach out for more information about specific agencies. You want to be sure they can meet the demands of the situation. 

Interviewing an Agency

Another wise suggestion is to create a list of questions you want to have at the ready when you talk to potential agencies. Examples include:

  • Are you Medicare/Medicaid Certified? Having that certification means the agency meets state and federal quality care guidelines. You may also want to ask when the last inspection was completed.
  • Can you make arrangements for durable medical or other necessary equipment for the home? 
  • What credentials do your staff have?
  • What type of training do you provide for your staff?
  • When you hire people, do you perform background checks?
  • Explain to me your culture and goals.
  • Do you have references?
  • If my aide calls off or doesn’t show, what happens? How dependable are your services?
  • How much will Medicare or my insurance cover for home care? What can I expect in immediate expenses?
  • If your loved one is in a skilled nursing facility, find out about the transition approach and how they ensure the home is ready and safe.


Perhaps the most important aspect of home care is personalization. One of the main reasons for keeping your loved one at home is for their emotional comfort. An agency should coordinate with the individual’s physician, health care team, and family in order to create an informed and welcoming situation. 

Having a personalized care plan at the outset isn’t the whole of the picture, either. A person’s situation changes. It’s inevitable. So, the agency must be on top of making suitable adjustments regularly. All such changes should be documented and physician-approved. 


We at Prestige Home Care Agency take great pride in our ongoing communication with our families. There should never be a time when you feel awkward about talking to your aide or calling our office with questions or problems. 

You do not learn all the ins and outs of professional caregiving overnight. We expect it to be a process where we can offer you dependable information when requested. 

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