How to Prevent Falls for Seniors

Prestige Home Care - How to Prevent Falls for Seniors

The risk of falling is a real concern for seniors as falls account for a staggering 650,000 death every year. Falls that don’t even cause injury can, however, lead to issues like anxiety and social isolation, making life that little bit harder for those in their old age. It is, therefore, important to address the issues before the fall even happens! Whether you are a senior or living with a loved one who is, you should wise-up so you can recognize the hazards and make your living environment as fall-proof as can be. These tips from here at Prestige home Care Agency will help you or your loved one stay safe.

Recognizing the Risks

Identifying hazards in the home may be more difficult than you realize as things that once seemed risk-free may now be a real danger to you or your loved one. Take a walk around your home and try to imagine all of the possible scenarios that could result in a fall. It may be that you simply need to clear a wider path for getting around, or you may need to have specialist equipment installed to help get up the stairs or take items out of the higher cabinets in the kitchen. Once you have identified the risks, make a list of them in order of priority and get someone in to help make them safer.

Listen to Your Body

Prestige Home Care - How to Prevent Falls for Seniors

As people age, they have a higher tendency to suffer from health-related issues. Heart conditions, risk of seizures, poor vision, and dementia can all greatly increase someone’s risk of falling. So, if you or a loved one suffer from any of these, you need to be very careful when moving around in high-risk areas and take the necessary precautions to avoid falls. Equally, if you or a loved one are on medication that causes dizziness, high blood pressure, or loss of coordination, it’s best to ensure that the medication is only taken in a safe place where the risk of falling is minimized.

You Are What You Eat

It’s important that everyone eats a healthy diet no matter their age, but for seniors, the benefits of eating well are greater and could even help them avoid a fall. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and avoiding fatty, salty, and processed foods will help keep their body healthy so they can better manage on their own. If they are resorting to buying microwave meals out of convenience, they may want to consider getting some extra help from a caregiver who can assist with their meal preparation and ensure they are eating a well-balanced, healthy diet.

Moving Out

For some seniors, the risk of falling is so great they may want to leave their home to move in with family or into a nursing facility. While this option is good for some people, it can mean a loss of independence. In addition, any family home would need to also be made fall-proof, essentially just moving the issue from one home to another.

Prestige Home Care - How to Prevent Falls for Seniors

Getting a Little Extra Help

There are people out there that can help you or your loved one greatly reduce the chance of a fall. Caregivers are trained to recognize fall risks and often perform or help with many of the tasks that are high-risk for seniors such as bathing, cooking, and traveling outside of the home. If you or your loved one are concerned that you are at risk of a serious fall, a properly trained caregiver from Prestige Home Care Agency may be exactly what you need.

Falls are a serious risk for seniors, but with a few simple tips, the risk can be dramatically reduced. If you or a loved one would like some extra help at home or are worried about a fall sometime in the future, call Prestige Home Care Agency to find out how our caregivers can provide you with the care you need to keep you safe in your home – especially against the risk of falling.