How You Can Help A Parent with Vision Loss

Do you have a parent who has recently lost his or her vision? If so, there are ways to help. When a parent loses his or her vision, most family members panic. They are unsure of what to do and they worry that their loved one might now have a complicated life ahead. At Prestige Home Care Agency, we can help your family member find the right tools to deal with a problem such as vision loss, and we can make the process as smooth as possible.

Most family members are unsure about who the best resources are when dealing with a family member’s vision loss. Yet once they get the appropriate help, they see a noticeable shift in both the quality of life of their loved one, and the sense of empowerment they have over the entire situation.

Understanding more about your particular parent’s vision loss is one of the first steps toward getting a better handle on how to cope with the issue. Different vision-related diseases cause different problems for individuals. For example, glaucoma can cause blindness from the high pressure it creates inside the eye’s retinal cells and macular degeneration can create a loss of central vision. Many people suffer from a gradual loss of vision due to diabetes.

Learning more about your parent’s vision issue can allow for a better arrangement of transportation and support. You can also help your loved one find new ways to use adaptive technology and to modify his or her home to meet the challenges of daily living.

If your parent has a vision problem, you might also want to check out other resources available from your local library, such as books and videos that provide tip sheets and bathroom safety, for example. The more information you can gather, the better off your parent will be.

Those who suffer from vision loss are also prone to depression and anxiety. The good news is that modern day occupational and visual rehabilitation therapy is available for those who need the support. If you notice that your loved one is exhibiting signs of depression or anxiety, such as lack of appetite or irritability, then you might want to seek out additional resources for assistance.