Intellectual Disability Services in Philadelphia, PA

What does “intellectual disability” mean? Generally, this condition begins before an individual reaches the age of 22. It places limits on the way a person functions and adapts in daily life. Functionality includes problem-solving, reasoning, conceptual and social skills, communication, and learning. In terms of an IQ test, if a person scores 75 or under they’re considered intellectually disabled. 

Data and Conclusions

There are certain considerations to take into account when you assess intellectual disability. These include comparing them to peers, the community environment, cultural influences, and language barriers. Additionally, one must consider the person’s strengths as well, and whether those may improve over time with support. Prestige Home Care Agency uses all this data to form a plan of care suited to your loved one. 

Disability Levels

Experts provide us with four types of impairment: mild, moderate, severe, and profound.  An individual with mild intellectual disability has an IQ between 50-70. Their development is slower than others their age. Reading and math skills can reach grades 3-6 and can function in daily life relatively well. About 85% of people with intellectual challenges fall into this category. 

Those with moderate ID, individuals measure an IQ of 35-49. They have very basic ways of communication, struggle with social cues, and may show signs of another physical impairment. Severe ID means an IQW of 20-24, difficult communication, and an ongoing need for social supervision.

Finally, profound ID has an IQ of less than 20. They have other abnormalities. This person will need assistance with self-care. They will never live independently. 

Intellectual Disability Services for adults

Types of Care – Intellectual Disability Services


You have many options when it comes to caring for a loved one with ID. One possibility is living in a residential setting with in-house medical, psychological, employment counseling, etc. A residential structure focuses on safety and overall wellbeing. This structure offers a family-like setting where people interact and build positive relationships over time. Family is encouraged to come to visit often and take their loved ones out for something special. 

Day & Community Habilitation

These are interactive programs focused on building social and practical skills. Individuals come from different settings, and interact in a controlled environment with planned activities including math bingo, or participating in a food delivery truck for the homebound. Community Habilitation is slightly different in that the goal is improving independent living including travel. 

And many more. 

Prestige Intellectual Disability Services in Philadelphia, PA

Prestige Home Care Agency services help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The focus is on helping each individual discover their fullest potential. All our care is highly personalized as a result. We offer both home and community habitation for successfully residing in a residence or community setting.

Companion care comes to your aid when the individual requires some guidance with personal health and safety. We also have homemaker services so the environment is clean and safe. Perhaps most importantly for the family, we can give you respite care where you can take a break from caregiving for a while, and decrease your stress levels.  

To learn more, contact us online, email, or call our Philadelphia, PA office at 215-677-3299.