Let Babies Sleep! Their Brain Development Depends On It!

Babies are such cute things. We want to hold them, play with them, and want them to never fall asleep because they’re so darn adorable. But, at least for the first three years, we need to let the newborns sleep because without rest, it really affects their brain’s development.

Published in the British Medical Journal, a study showed that children up to the age of three whom lack a steady bedtime are the most negatively effected, especially in reading and math skills. The study continued as the children grew to the age of seven, where they were still being effected because their brains weren’t developed as they should have been; surprisingly girls were more effected than boys.

The test also showed that if the newborn is sleeping less than 10 hours a night in its early years, then the child is more likely to have language problems, reading problems, and ADHD.

MORAL OF THE STORY: The first three years of a child’s life is the most crucial in brain development, so let the babies sleep!