Let’s Keep Your Brain Young!

With age, comes worrying and different things for each specific gender. For women, it could be the wrinkles and weight, for men it could be the natural idea of not being young anymore; yet, both should be thinking about keeping their brains from aging! As most have heard already, doing puzzles, word finds and puzzles are recommended, but here are some new approaches to keeping your brain ahead of the game rather than wasting away.

1. Taking Care of Your Teeth. The simple twice-a-day task with a little flossing here and there is not only benefiting your mouth, but apparently also your brain! A study followed 5,500 people for eighteen years, and showed that those who brushed their teeth less than once a day were more likely to get dementia. So, now when you’re brushing your teeth, think about how you’re not just helping your cleanliness, but also your mind and body.

2. Drinking Green Tea. This super drink is on every “healthy” list imaginable! Along with its super powers already known to man, there seems to be more. Green tea can boost cognitive abilities, especially in men! And, in addition, it positively protects against Alzheimer’s. We all know the rule “we shouldn’t have too much of anything,” but if your tea is freshly brewed, and not prepackaged, drink it up! It can only do good for you! (But, do be careful about the caffeine.)

3. Keeping Your Cholesterol Down. The most obvious point, but so important that we have to repeat it! No matter the age, you should be monitoring your cholesterol and making sure it doesn’t get high. According to a study from 2009, while entering the age 40 and on, even the slightest elevated level of cholesterol can put a person in a greater risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Eat well, and take care of yourself. What helps your body, helps your heart, and ultimately helps your mind.