Male Menopause Accelerated by Heart Failure

According to new research presented at the Heart Failure Congress of 2013, heart failure speeds up the aging process and brings about the early onset of andropausal syndrome (AS). AS is often referred to as the male version of menopause and was four times as likely to be diagnosed in men with heart failure. As men age they are more likely to experience AS, also called androgen deficiency in the aging male (ADAM), or late onset hypogonadism. Men suffering from AS usually experience lowering levels of anabolic hormones, which include the male hormone testosterone, which may be what leads to the manifestation of the clinical systems related to AS. Symptoms of AS can be broken into three groups: psychological, sexual, and somato-vegetative. The symptoms include erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, nervousness, irritability, sleep disturbances, and joint and muscle complaints. Risks for heart failure increase with age, as do the deficiencies in anabolic hormones which lead to depression, reduced exercise ability, and an overall poor prognosis. The study also found that AS affected approximately one third of men who were diagnosed with heart failure no matter which age group was studied. It is also possible that the deficiencies in anabolic hormones could be caused by the treatments provided for heart failure. Further research is necessary to determine whether androgen supplements could alleviate AS symptoms.