New Drug May Reduce Asthma Attacks by 87 Percent

Asthma affects over 24 million people across the United States. Some cases can be so extreme, that current therapies are unable to control the condition for nearly 20 percent of patients. However, thanks to a new drug developed by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Sanofi SA, that number may change. Although the drug is still in its experimental change, the results are very encouraging. According to Barclays, dupilumab is considered to be one of the Regenerons most promising drugs. If it gains approval by the U.S., it could possibly reach $750 million in annual sales. The drug is also being tested to treat an eczema, common itchy skin condition, and other allergy-related conditions. In a small study that consisted of only 52 patients with abnormal disease fighting white blood cells, researchers found that dupilumab reduced asthma attacks by 87 percent. Even thought the results are promising, researchers say it is still too early to tell how effective the treatment may be.