Peanut Patch Decreases Severity of Allergic Reaction in Kids

It’s often very difficult for a parent to keep track of everything their children stick into their mouths. It’s also common for children not to know what they are allergic to. Peanuts are one of the most dangerous food allergies for children to have. With this being said, peanuts can be found in many foods and kids would never even know or think to ask.

Thankfully, scientists have been able to come up with a skin patch that could potentially help many children who suffer from fatal peanut allergies. Statistics are showing that children who were once prone to a deadly reaction after consuming the smallest amount of nuts can now safely snack on them after wearing the patch for a year. The patch contains small traces of the protein found in peanuts so that it could enter through the skin and allow the immune system to acclimate to it, which would mean that the immune cells would learn not to attack it.

Parents usually figure out that their kids are allergic to peanuts as early as 14 months old. Boys are found to be 30 percent more susceptible to the allergy and children from higher income homes are at double the risk of lower income homes. Many people who have a peanut allergy often carry an EpiPen with them, which acts as an antihistamine and reduces inflammation. The patch is called Viaskin Peanut and keeps proteins in the skin away from the bloodstream so that there would be no anaphylactic shock caused as a result. Hopefully this breakthrough patch could allow many to live safe and comfortable lives.