People Sunburn On Purpose???

Shown by a new study, when people go out to suntan they purposely sunburn in order to reach that “deeper” tan. Surveying 1000 men and women, 25% thought you could only ever get a tan by sun burning, and 90% of people knew that sun burning, and sun tanning in general, increases one’s chance of skin cancer.

The survey also continued to show that people from the ages of 18 through 35 were more than two times as likely to burn in the sun because they wanted to tan faster and really lock it in. And, surprisingly, men were almost twice more likely than women for not applying any sunblock as well.

Malignant melanoma is on the risk in the UK, and, according to statistics, at least 35 people are being diagnosed each day. All because of wanting that chocolate brown in one day.

People, be smart. Be healthy. You need to build up your tan because it’s impossible to do it all in one day! If you want to be tan so badly, there are plenty of sunless options you can buy in the drugstore. But don’t let a superficial feature ruin your beautiful skin.