Poor Posture Impacts Your Psychological Well-Being

Next time you consider slouching in your chair while working behind a computer, or listening to a lecture in your class, consider what it may be doing not only your body, but your mind as well. Previous studies have examined how slouching may affect your skeletal system, but it’s only recent that researchers have began examining its affect on our mind also.

After slouching for many years you are at risk for developing skeleton changes, but they don’t happen over night. However, even slouching for a few days can impact your attitude. Not sitting up straight lowers your motivation levels and increases your chances of depression. On the other hand, when you sit up straight you are improving your psychological state and your over-all attitude is better.

Take the proper steps at improving your posture today! For a few minutes a day, stand up straight against a wall. This miniscule action will train your body to stand up straight, and it will become second nature to you in no time!