Positive Communication Tips for Caregivers of Philadelphia

Whether you’re a licensed nurse or whether you’re a concerned family member, you’re likely to have communication issues when serving as a caregiver. At Prestige Home Care Agency, we know that it takes both dedication and patience to provide quality home care. Talking to health care providers can be challenging, as can dealing with complicated demands. As a caregiver, you need to find a clear and concise way to communicate so that everyone feels respected and heard.

Offering visual help can be one way to provide positive communication. If your loved one or patient requires memory jogging, offer assistance through pointing or through picture labels. Some people need assistance with word finding, so you can give gentle suggestions to help them with their phrasing. Many people require assistance with understanding, so another tip is to speak clearly and slowly as often as possible.

Another positive communication tip for caregivers is to avoid speaking louder than you need to. Speaking too loudly can be frustrating for patients who have low thresholds for external noise. Use your patient’s or your loved one’s name as often as possible and ensure that all of his or her needs are being met. If possible, choose a quiet place to have conversations and try to find out what makes the other person as comfortable as possible. Be respectful of the other person’s space and try to be mindful of the times that you visit.

At Prestige Home Care Agency, we provide high-quality home care for people who need it the most. Our qualified team of professional nurses and other care providers make it their mission to offer compassionate, thoughtful care from the time of intake to the time of discharge. We have many ways to offer guidance for caregivers who need support and who want what’s best for their loved one.