Possible Eye Donors Seem To Be In Decline Because of Their Lack of Information

Organ donors everywhere, we applaud you, but, lacking is the donation of eyes. The number of human eye donations, between the years 1997 through 2004, declined by 28%. Quite a hefty number!

Yet a study from MSU College of Human Medicine, published in the journal Current Eye Research, surveyed whether patients with various eye diseases would be willing to be eye donors. Of the 200 patients whom participated, 90% said they would willingly give their eyes for research.

Andrew Williams, the leader of the study, says that the reason statistics are so low for eye donation is mainly because there is a lack of education on the subject. Whether it be from a pamphlet in the waiting room or the doctor himself, the fact that the information about donation is available for the patient is key. From the survey, 41% of the patients would’ve rather heard the information from the doctor, whereas 37% would’ve liked to hear it from the pamphlets. No matter what form, the patients just want to be aware of their options.

Williams says, “Eye donation has restored sight to thousands of patients. If we were able to streamline the process, researchers could work much more efficiently.” So, spread the word and be informed.