Prestige Home Care Agency: Open Enrollment 2019

Do you have a loved one who receives either Medicare or Medicaid? If so, you might be wondering what changes are underway for the 2019 enrollment period. Every year, Medicare’s open enrollment period runs from October 15th to December 7th. If you or a loved one need to find out more about the changes, Prestige Home Care Agency has the details.

Medicare health and drug plans are entitled to yearly changes. This means cost and coverage can be modified, as well as providers and pharmacies. From October 15th to December 7th, anyone with Medicare can expect to see changes in their health and prescription plans for the coming year.

You might be wondering how a change in plan will affect you. If you have a Medicare plan, you should review your materials, such as the Evidence of Coverage and Annual Notice of Change. If your plans are changing, then you’ll want to ensure that the new plan still meets your medical needs for the upcoming year. If you’re happy with what the details of your plan reflect, then you don’t need to do anything.

Those who still require additional information can refer to 1-800-MEDICARE or visit CMS partners can find information about open enrollment, as well via outreach and media materials. Every year, CMS establishes a scheduled maintenance period where CMs and its partners can either make necessary updates or resolve current issues.
With so many options on the horizon, it can be overwhelming for many individuals who require assistance. Prestige Home Care Agency is here to be of assistance to families who need extra help in making informed decisions for their plans. Each expert member of our team is ready to help you understand Medicare and Medicaid as it applies to your unique situation.