Protect Your Brain by Protecting Your Heart

Did you know that taking steps to strengthen your heart also helps to protect your brain? At Prestige Home Care Agency, we want all of our families to feel empowered with their health care decisions. By taking an added measure to care for your heart, you’ll gain benefits for your brain that will make a difference in years to come.

Your heart and your brain are linked in measurable ways. With every heartbeat, up to 25% of blood is pumped to your brain. This blood is important because it carries both food and oxygen to your brain cells to ensure healthy functioning. If your heart is unhealthy, your brain will suffer, too. This is because your brain depends on your heart for optimal health.

Issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes make it difficult for your arteries to carry oxygen to vital organs. Your brain is impacted by these health problems, too. Current research suggests that damage to vessels occurs gradually and once the damage has reached a particular level, the heart and brain suffer damage.

By keeping blood pressure and blood sugar in check, we can help keep our hearts and our brains healthy, too. Maintaining a healthy weight is always helpful, as well. Many people are now adopting what are known as heart-healthy diets that include fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and healthy fats. Such diets help keep your brain strong and healthy.

Those who want to learn more about how to keep a healthy heart and brain can seek online resources such as blogs, websites and businesses that help people incorporate healthy foods into their diets. Many gyms and community centers also offer classes that can help you keep track of your activity level and keep you on the path to wellness.