What is Respiratory Care and What Should Seniors and Caregivers Know About It

Respiratory care is that provided by healthcare professionals specially trained in helping individuals saddled by breathing problems including the resulting mobility limitations.  Respiratory care specialists study, treat and care for individuals with respiratory disorder, limited mobility and related health challenges. If your loved one finds it difficult to walk without gasping for air or struggles with other breathing challenges, he or she will benefit from the care provided by a respiratory therapist. 

Even those who provide care for an elderly individual or other person with respiratory issues should understand the basics of respiratory care. Tap into the power of this unique care and you’ll enjoy a much-appreciated break from providing care for your aging loved one. Here’s the inside scoop on what respiratory care is all about and why it’s so important.

The Basics of Respiratory Care

Respiratory care centers on helping individuals live as normal of a life as possible even with diminished lung capacity or other respiratory problems. This unique care begins with patient interviews in which limited physical exams are performed in addition to diagnostic tests that gauge the level of the patient’s respiratory disease. The actual rendering of care is highlighted by assisting the senior citizen or other patient breathe more easily when living at home and also when in medical settings such as hospitals. 

The strategic management of the patient’s breathing with the use of ventilators and/or artificial airways makes it that much easier to breathe.  Treatment modalities in the context of respiratory care also extend to chest physiotherapy and breathing treatments. Respiratory care also includes an analysis of blood samples, lab test results, and chest x-rays. 


Respiratory Care is not Limited to Hospitals

There is a common misconception that patients who receive respiratory care are immobilized in hospitals. Though respiratory care is sometimes provided in hospitals, it is also provided in-home through home care services and respiratory therapists. These professionals set up respiratory care equipment and perform ongoing monitoring of individuals in need of extended oxygen therapy along with nebulizer treatment. 

Respiratory care even encompasses instructing patients in regard to the proper use of equipment that facilitates proper breathing and enhanced movement throughout the home. In some cases, respiratory care even includes asthma education and smoking cessation programs. If necessary, the patient will be transported to a pulmonary function center, rehabilitation center, or sleep lab for additional analysis.

Make Your Loved One’s Life Easier With Respiratory Care

If you are struggling to take care of your parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or other relative in Philadelphia, you should know help is available. Take advantage of Philadelphia home care program for seniors and you’ll enjoy an invaluable sense of relief. This is your opportunity to take a break from caregiving while the professionals step in to help your loved one suffering from pulmonary disease, mobility limitations, or another malady.

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