Senior Fitness Fun!

There are many reasons why people tend to slow down as they get older. Maybe they’re worried about falling, health issues, or maybe they simply think exercising just isn’t for them. Fitness with age brings on several uneasy feelings such fear of injury or feeling powerless with unable to do as many physical activities. However, senior citizens shouldn’t feel as though they are restricted to the number of activities accessible to them due to their age.

Seniors can live a longer and healthier life by incorporating exercise into their life. Moving will help the elderly to maintain illnesses, boost their energy, and even improve their mood and memory! Motivating anyone to workout has its difficulties, especially among the senior age group. One way to get them to exercise is by making it fun. At Prestige Home Care Agency of Philadelphia, we want our seniors to be encouraged to get up and move, and enjoy it. Here are a few ways your older ones can have fun while getting fit!

Low-Impact Exercise

As you get older, it’s a good idea to switch to low-impact exercise that doesn’t include all of the high-intensity stress of your body. This type of fitness will boost your stamina and strengthen your muscles. Low-impact exercises can range anywhere from dancing and swimming, to chair aerobics and bouncing an exercise ball. These types of exercise are fun for everyone, and also great for decreasing diseases such as heart disease and Alzheimer’s.


The answer might be right in front of you for how to get elders moving. Look for opportunities to include hobbies they enjoy into their routine. It can be as simple as gardening, cooking, or even windowing shopping! Another fun idea is to all have them play and “run around” with grandkids or children. It will keep them active for a while. There are plenty of basic hobbies/activities you can find that will keep them moving!


Walking is one of the best exercises for everyone, especially seniors because it is easy on their body. It’s also very advantageous for their mental and physical health. Older ones love fresh air and sunshine. You can make walking fun by adding music, changing up your routes, or by walking with friends.

Social Setting

One of the best ways to make fitness delightful is by adding a social aspect. It will make seniors more excited and motivated to workout when surrounded by friends and loved ones. Talking to others will also make the time fly by and more enjoyable. Plus, there are many ways you can to incorporate fitness into social events!