Should Your Aging Parent Move in With Your Family?

Are you trying to decide whether an aging family member should move in with your family? It’s estimated that one in four caregivers lives with a relative that he or she cares for. At Prestige Home Care Agency, we understand that such an arrangement can have many benefits. Yet it can also have some drawback in certain situations. How do you know if it’s a good decision to let a loved one move in? We’ve got a few tips to help you sort it all out.

1. Decide what kind of care is needed.

The first step in deciding whether you should let a loved one move in is determining that person’s mental and physical condition. Does he or she have an illness? If your loved one is relatively healthy and mobile, then letting him or her move in might be a great idea. If you have children, it will also give them the opportunity to bind with this family member. If, on the other hand, your loved one is dealing with a chronic health issue, then you might want to think more closely about your decision.

2. Think about how much supervision you can provide.

Many times, family members feel obligated to provide help when a loved one needs it. Yet if your family member has challenging health concerns or other issues that could cause potential stressors, you might need to give your decision more thoughtful consideration. Be realistic about how much assistance you can provide, especially if you already have other employment obligations. Consider your schedule. Do you have children? Do you work? Do you really have the time that’s required to care for someone in need?

3. Consider your relationship and your space.

What kind of relationship do you have with the family member who might be moving in? Do you get along well? Has your relationship been fraught with contention in the past? It’s important to decide whether you can honestly live peacefully with this person for an undetermined period of time. You also need to think about whether your home is equipped to accommodate your loved one’s needs. For example, is there a bathroom available on the floor that your loved one will be living on?