The Benefits of Having a Family Caregiver

The Benefits of Having a Family Caregiver

November is National Family Caregiving Month.  This is the time of the year when family caregivers are celebrated.  A family caregiver in Philadelphia has the potential to greatly improve a loved one’s quality of life.  Even if you are self-reliant or have an aging relative who prefers complete autonomy, the many benefits of a family caregiver are certainly worth consideration.

A Higher Quality of Life

There is a common misconception that the assistance provided by a family caregiver primarily helps the individual in need of care move around the house.  Mobility is certainly made easier with the care of a family caregiver yet the benefits of this assistance extend well beyond physical movement.  Family caregivers also provide social stimulation and emotional support.  

It is no secret that those who reach their golden years tend to be quite lonely.  The presence of a family caregiver encourages conversation, ensuring the senior does not lose his or her phonetic ability.  The caregiver’s socialization also lifts the spirit to the point that the senior avoids potentially crippling depression.

The Benefits of Having a Family Caregiver

Enhanced Physical Health

Self-reliance is certainly a virtue yet it has the potential to become a weakness when one reaches his or her 60s, 70s and 80s.  Homecare assistance has the potential to significantly improve the senior’s physical condition and also minimize pain.  A family caregiver ameliorates the challenges of physical movement ranging from getting out of bed to bathing, preparing meals and even venturing outside to check the mail.  A family caregiver also provides assistance with medication, nutrition and household chores, ultimately reducing the chances of the senior suffering a painful or debilitating injury.

A Focus on the Positive

Life can become quite depressing when one retires.  The lack of a purpose and hobbies compounds the problem, setting the stage for long-term depression in which the focus is on the negative aspects of life rather than the positive.  Family caregivers prevent seniors from falling into the trap of dwelling on the negative.  

Caregivers focus on the positive of life and share that enthusiasm with their loved, helping to prevent depression.  This uplifting care gives the patients a sense of happiness and positivity, ultimately ensuring there is something to look forward to with each daily care visit.

An Invaluable Peace of Mind

Countless seniors spend part or all of their day worrying about whether they will be able to live with dignity in the short-term and also in the months and years ahead.  Seniors who have a family caregiver available spend little or even no time worrying about such potential scenarios as they are comforted by the fact that their caregiver is a call away.  This is the peace of mind every senior needs and deserves.

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