The Benefits of Having a Live-in Home Health Aide

Prestige Home Care - The Benefits of Having a Live-in Home Health Aide

Live-in home health aides are often seen as a great option for people who need round the clock care but also want to stay in their own homes to keep their independence. Comfort in the later years of life is a big factor for many people, so it’s certainly understandable why this is such an attractive option. Here at Prestige Home Care Agency, we are going to fill you in on all the benefits that come with a live-in home health aide so you can make an informed decision on what is best for you or your loved one in the future.

1. Stay Comfortable in Your Own Home

Home comforts go a long way, especially for those in their senior years who aren’t as spritely as they once were. With modern technology, the range of services that home health aides can perform in the home has expanded, meaning that there really is no need for patients to give up their much-loved home comforts.

2. Retaining Your Independence

While nursing homes are important for those that need a certain level of care that can’t be provided at home, they can also cause you to compromise on your independence. The round-the-clock care provided by a live-in health aide means you have much more control over how your day is structured, giving you the independence you’ve been used to your whole life!

Prestige Home Care - The Benefits of Having a Live-in Home Health Aide

3. Care That’s Tailored to Your Needs

Live-in home health aides are there to give you the care you need, so they are able to adapt the care you require as your necessities alter. This means you will actually get a better quality of care than can be offered at nursing homes or other similar facilities. The home health aide who lives with you will build up a strong relationship and understand your condition better than anyone at any nursing facility ever could.

4. Receive Your Visitors When You Want

As mentioned before, receiving your care from a live-in aide gives you more control of your schedule, so you can work your care around your social engagements, not the other way around! This means friends and family members can drop by for a cup of coffee or to just say hello when it suits you.

5. Keep Away From Harmful Diseases

While it’s a rare occurrence, care facilities have been known to have outbreaks of serious illnesses. This isn’t surprising considering the number of people living their day to day lives in close proximity to each other. Receiving your care at home limits your exposure to such illnesses, so you can remain safe in the years when your body is most vulnerable to infection.

Prestige Home Care - The Benefits of Having a Live-in Home Health Aide

If you or your loved one is looking at options for senior care, it’s certainly worth considering a live-in home health aide. The benefits highlighted in this blog post show that it really is second to none when it comes to keeping comfortable, healthy, and safe. If you are considering care options for you or your loved one, contact us at Prestige Home Care Agency to see how we can help make your senior years more comfortable and safe!