The Role of a Pediatric Home Health Nurse

The Role of a Pediatric Home Health Nurse

The healthcare field has a wide range of positions for people with all sorts of talents, skill sets, and experiences. 

One particularly fulfilling role in the medical field is pediatric home health nursing.

Pediatric home health nurses treat medically fragile children in the home, rather than working at a hospital. 

Keep reading to learn more about this unique and fulfilling healthcare role.

What Does a Pediatric Home Health Nurse Do?

Pediatric home health nurses care for medically fragile children — anyone from newborns to adolescents, and kids of all ages in between. That said, they may work with people up to 21 years old, per the FDA’s definition of pediatric patients.

The exact tasks a pediatric home health nurse does day-to-day varies on their experience and the patient’s needs. Some patients might require only a couple of hours a day of care, while others may need help throughout the entire day.

Regardless, home health nurses obviously spend time in the patient’s home. Consequently, they get to spend more time getting to know their patients and their families. This helps the nurse develop a better relationship with the patient and family while providing convenience for the family.

The Pros of Being a Pediatric Home Health Nurse


As a home health nurse, you get to play a direct part in enhancing your patients’ lives. This can be tough work, but also quite fulfilling.

For example, you play an integral role in helping a medically fragile child enjoy and experience life as close to normal as possible. You get to help make sure their life is off to a good start, despite any condition they may have.

Pay and Benefits

Pediatric home health nurses are in high demand due to their expertise, as well as the number of families and children. You can find many good-paying jobs in this field. Additionally, most positions tend to offer excellent benefits packages including the best in health, dental, and vision insurance.

Job Security

Similar to the last benefit, the demand for home health services for children makes this medical role in high demand. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding enough hours of well-paying work that makes you feel fulfilled.

As you can see, pediatric home health nursing is a fantastic career where you can make a significant impact on families and children while enjoying excellent benefits. If you’re interested in becoming a pediatric home health nurse in Philadelphia, Prestige Home Care is happy to talk more with you. If you join us, you’ll get to work alongside passionate professionals who enjoy their work. Contact us today to learn more!