Tips for Traveling with Seniors

Prestige Home Care - Tips for Traveling with Seniors

As we age, certain tasks that we once took in our stride become more challenging. For many people, traveling long distances gets significantly more difficult as they age, leading many to avoid traveling on their own altogether which can lead to isolation and age-related depression. These tips are designed to make traveling that little bit easier, so you or your loved one can continue to explore the world and enjoy time with friends and family that live further away.

1. Travel during Daytime Hours

For some people, waking up at 4 am to catch a 7 am flight seems like no big deal, but for seniors, this can be detrimental to their health. People in their senior years tend to recover from tiredness much more slowly than younger people, so an early morning flight could, in fact, take a few days to recover from! When planning and booking your trip, it’s best to opt for journeys that take place during the middle of the day, even if they cost a little bit more.

2. Go for Non-stop Journeys

Having to make various connections can also have a huge impact on how tired a senior is by the end of their journey. If you’re booking a flight or train journey for your loved one, consider that they may not find it so easy to catch more than one connection.

Prestige Home Care - Tips for Traveling with Seniors

3. Travel with Family or Friends

If there’s a family reunion, a wedding, or maybe even just a nice visit to the grandchildren coming up, consider redirecting your route to pick up your senior family member on the way. It may seem like it’s a lot of work, especially if you’re traveling with children, but going out of your way to give your elderly family member a ride would mean the world to them as well as save them the stress of having to sort it out on their own!

4. Consider Your Vacation

If you’re in your senior years but still have the travel bug, there’s no need to stop exploring the world! However, you may want to reconsider the way that you get to see it. The days of hiking up great mountains and sleeping rough in the wilderness are probably behind you, but how about a cruise? Or a specially designed trip for seniors? These options are good examples of how you can see all the things you’ve always wanted to see, with all the luxuries of a five-star hotel!

5. Consider Choosing Disability Options

Certain airlines, airports, and travel companies offer disability options such as assistance to and from the gate in the terminal building and help getting on and off the aircraft. These options are great for seniors, even if they’re traveling with family or friends who are more able-bodied. Make sure you check with your travel operator well in advance to see if you can book these services.

Prestige Home Care - Tips for Traveling with Seniors

6. Keep Your Medication Close

If you or your loved one are reliant on medication, ensure it’s packed in your hand luggage! Even if you don’t expect to need it on the flight or other transportation, you may encounter unforeseen delays or cancelations that mean you’ll be separated from your luggage for longer than you previously thought.

Traveling is one of the joys of life – it lets us see the world and helps us connect with our distant friends and family. By taking into account these few tips, you’ll be able to travel well into your senior years in comfort and style – just remember to plan ahead and consider your physical limitations before going on a strenuous journey!

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