Pediatric Home Care – Your Questions Answered

At Prestige Home Care, we believe that getting the best pediatric care should take place in the comfort of your own home. The last thing you want after childbirth is to be stuck in the hospital any longer than you need to be! With advances in technology, pediatric home care is becoming more widely available, so we thought we’d compile a list of commonly asked questions to dispel any myths and give you all the relevant information necessary to make an informed decision about pediatric home care.

What do pediatric home care nurses do?

Pediatric home care entails much more than just postnatal care of a newborn. It also includes ensuring the health of the new mother, educating new parents on caring for a newborn, and ongoing care for families who have children with special needs. Examples of services include initial baby assessment, instructions on sterilizing baby bottles, and cesarean recovery for the mother. With such a wide range of services provided by pediatric home care nurses, it’s important to know what they offer so you can get the precise services that you need. See our full list of pediatric home care services here.

What about the parent’s role in pediatric care?

It’s commonly believed that pediatric nurses take over the position that the mother or father should otherwise be occupying, but this is totally inaccurate! Pediatric nurses provide expert help that comes with years of high-level training. Their role in no way imposes on the role of the parents, they are there in a medical and care capacity to provide both high-level care and advice. The common misconception that the need for pediatric care will trespass on the role of the parents can be damaging as it can encourage parents to avoid using these vital services.

What level of pediatric care is right for you?

That completely depends on your circumstances. Childbirth without any complications may mean you only require short visits to ensure you and your newborn is healthy. If there were complications during the childbirth or with the condition of the newborn child, the doctors in the maternity department will make recommendations on the level of care you may need, and this will also be assessed by our specialists at Prestige. Once the level of care and your specific needs are agreed upon, a plan for your pediatric home care will be put in place to ensure you get all the help you need, every step of the way.

Will my health insurance cover pediatric home care?

Most healthcare insurers cover the cost of pediatric home care when it is the recommendation of a doctor. It’s however important to check your health insurance policy well in advance of having a child to ensure that you are covered in the unfortunate event that you need prolonged, in-depth pediatric home care for an ongoing health issue. The staff at Prestige can help you with the requirements you may need from your health insurance provider in order to qualify for pediatric home care. Just give us a call on 215 677 3299 or visit our website to find out all the details you need.