Top 10 Summertime Activities for Seniors

The weather is finally getting warmer. It is time to head outside and have some fun. However, if you are a senior citizen or challenged with finding a way to get your aging loved one outside this summer, you might be wondering which activities are best. Below, we provide a look at the top 10 summertime activities for the elderly.

Go Fishing

Most seniors enjoy the slow pace of fishing. Even if you don’t catch much fish, a day on the water or casting lines by the water’s edge will prove relaxing and give you some time to bond with one another. Keep in mind, senior citizens with mobility challenges can easily cast a fishing rod from piers, docks, shorelines and other places aside from boats so don’t assume you will need a water vessel to go fishing. Simply search Google for “Philadelphia” and “fishing” and you will find there are all sorts of easily accessible fishing hotspots that do not require a boat.

Take a Nature Stroll

If the senior in your life can walk, head on out to a local park or another green area for a walk. Begin slowly and gradually pick up your pace. Be sure to bring a cane, walker, or wheelchair along just in case your parent or grandparent becomes tired and needs mobility assistance.

Catch a Game

Even if you can’t afford to attend a major league sports game such as a Philadelphia Phillies game, you can still take in some athletic action at local high school and little league games.

Visit the Zoo

People often forget about zoos as what is out of sight tends to be out of mind. Bring your aging parent or other relative to the zoo and it will lift his or her spirit. If the idea of supporting an institution that keeps animals enclosed is off-putting, consider sitting by the birdbath or bird feeder at a local park, check out the furry friends at a dog park or even visit the SPCA to provide animals in need of an owner with some affection.

Visit an Art Museum

Seniors typically have an appreciation for art. Bring your aging relative to an art museum and he or she will likely have a ball. In fact, some Philadelphia art museums have programs specific to seniors.

People Watch in Philadelphia

Head downtown and take a seat next to your loved one as you people watch, listen to the conversations going on around you and sip some coffee while observing the rat race. This experience might seem a bit boring yet it proves surprisingly stimulating in the city’s central business district.

Get a Slice of Pizza

The average senior is tired of eating the same food over and over again. Grab a steak sub or slice of pizza and your loved one will be quite thankful. If the weather cooperates, eat outside and the experience will prove even more fulfilling.

Take a Dip in the Water

Head over to the beach or a public pool for a refreshing soak or swim. The water will refresh your loved one while providing an opportunity to exercise.

Head to the Park

Visit a Philadelphia park and you will be able to enjoy a picnic, take a walk, fly a kite or simply relax in the sun.

Attend a Community Event

Partake in a community event and your loved one will feel that much more immersed in the social fabric of Philadelphia. From the 4th of July parades to other holiday-related events, there are plenty of opportunities for locals to become entrenched as a part of the community.

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