5 Essential Tips For Keeping Warm All Winter

Winter is a time of snowy wonderlands and frosty activities.

But it’s also a time of stuffy noses and high temperature fevers.

Avoid the doctors’ visits, and follow these 5 awesome tips to keep yourself warm during the cold winter months! Whether you’re running errands, taking a walk, or simply going for a car ride- stay warm and healthy.

  • Layers Are a Must

The main thing that’s going to keep you warm and toasty, is the clothing you dress in. Now, when it comes to picking out warm clothes, there is a huge misconception that big bulky sweaters and pants are the way to go. But, that’s not quite right. In reality, the best way to dress warmly is to wear multiple layers of thin clothing. Dressing in thin layers will keep you warm and dry throughout all your wintery activities.

  • Indoor Clothes Matter Too

When we’re so preoccupied with keeping warm outdoors, we sometimes forget about keeping warm indoors. But it’s extremely important to keep yourself bundled when you are indoors, too. Make sure you are dressed in those thin layers we talked about before, along with a good pair of socks and/or slippers. The feet are the gateway to the body from the floor, so if you keep them covered the cold can’t seep in and cool down the rest of your body.

Helpful Hint: Buy slippers and socks that are non-slip to keep yourself from falling!

  • No Coats in the Car

Most people intuitively put on coats before getting in the car. But that isn’t always the best option. Big puffy winter coats can be uncomfortable beneath a tight seatbelt. And, they can also be dangerous since they leave a wide space between the seatbelt and your body.

So, what might be a better option for staying warm in the car? Turn up the heat, and always stash a blanket or two to place over your lap and shoulders.

  • Don’t Forget the Indoor Breaks

It’s unrealistic to think we can avoid the outdoors totally in the cold weather. For one, it’s unhealthy to stay in all the time. And two, everyone has errands and people to visit that involves going outside.

While we may not be able to skip going out completely, we can skip prolonged time out there. This means stopping indoors for a break if you’re going for a long walk. Or, breaking your outdoor errands into chunks, so you can rest indoors in between.

  • Choose Your Scarves Wisely

Although scarves are a classic clothing accessory for staying warm, they can actually be a dangerous choking hazard. So, when you choose a scarf to wear, make sure that it is not too long. In fact, the shorter the scarf length the better, because it will be less likely to get caught on anything.

If you’re still worried about wearing a scarf, consider scarf alternatives to keeping yourself warm. Accessories like neck gaiters and cowl neck scarves are great alternatives to the regular scarf style.