6 Year Old Transgender Girl Wins Case After Being Banned From Bathroom

Coy Mathis, a 6 year old transgender girl who was banned from her first grade bathroom has won a statewide legal case in Colorado that may further help protect the rights of other transgendered children. Coy was born a triplet and was forced to be home schooled since last December due to school officials not allowing her to use the female bathrooms. With the help of Coy’s parents and the Transgender Legal and Defense Education Fund (TLDEF), a complaint was filed with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, which stated that the school has violated Coy’s rights.

This is the first documented ruling in the nation that would allow transgender students to use the bathroom that would identify with their gender without being harassed or discriminated against. However, the Fountain-Fort Carson School District stated that it was disappointed with the decision because “it not only failed to address conflicts between statutory and regulatory provisions raised by the district but failed to appreciate the unique circumstances that the school districts must consider when face with such situations”

Coy was born as a male, but has always felt that she was a female and began expressing it as early as 18 months after birth. Since starting kindergarten, she had worn female clothing, was referred to as a female by students and teachers, and was even allowed to use the female bathrooms. After being informed that Coy would have to begin use the male bathrooms, her parents took her out from school and filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division on Coy’s behalf. Due to Coy’s age, doctors have recommended she not go through hormone therapy until she is a teenager.